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Were-Warlock in AdventureQuest Worlds rated out of 10

Hi guys, Artix here! We are so excited to be publishing Dungeon Punks, developed by our long-time friends at Hyper Awesome Entertainment. Maybe you saw us streaming last week while we were all sitting on the couch playing the game. We instantly fell in love with its old-school arcade gameplay -- which reminded us of our favorite games, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dungeons & Dragons, and Golden Axe. So I asked if we could include a little something for our players, too...

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Starting right now, you can get the exclusive Were-Warlock armor in our online game AdventureQuest Worlds... but only through this special Humble Bundle promotion. It makes me wonder what this character and the Were-Witch from Dungeon Punks look like when there is not a full moon! O_O

Arcade Brawler

Arcade Brawler

Dungeon Punks is a 1 to 3 player arcade style beat em up and role-playing game with a unique tag-team fighting system, set in a fantasy world of magic, mystery, and corporate greed. Recruit a crew of six mutant heroes who will blast your enemies senseless with their crazy magical spells and combo attacks.



  • Tag Team Fighting / Rage Meter Special Attacks
  • Quests
  • PvP Arenas
  • Soul Development
  • Enchanted Weapons
  • Laser shooting Unicorn Mounts



Freezes and terrorizes his opponents with ghastly spirits and ice attacks!


Brings forth the mists of pain to envelop her foes in confusion


Uses agility and magic to dart around his foes, bringing down lightning and poison on their heads!

Tempest Knight

Harnesses the wind, rain, and storms to fling her opponents about mercilessly!


Hurls deadly chemicals and burning tinctures to destroy his foes!


Summons familiars, phantasms, and demons to hunt down his enemies!

Battle across a vast world

Explore a gorgeous and deadly world of deep ice caves, burning forests, and floating islands in the sky as you battle fiendish enemies for the crown!